CENSHARE’s History of Public Service Projects

CENSHARE achievements include:

Woman in a wheelchair with her helping dogDevelopment of a Helping Paws program for the handicapped, now established separately as Helping Paws of Minnesota, Inc.

Formulation and co-sponsorship of successful Minnesota legislation regarding the use of service dogs for the handicapped.

Provision of current information about human-animal interactions to relevant organizations and supporters of CENSHARE through a Website and periodic newsletters.

Grandma and a helping DogPublication of an internationally recognized book—The Pet Connection

Production of videotapes for community use on pet therapy including visiting and live-in pets in health care facilities.

Production of 39 videotapes entitled—On Earth Together—for educational and community use.

Carriage ahd horseFormulation of policy to regulate urban horse and carriage operations in Minnesota.

Organization of two national conferences, The Human-Animal Bond in 1983 (in conjunction with the University of California, Irvine) and Families and Their Pets in 1988.

KittyOrganization of three Charles B. Sweatt Family Lectureships with featured speakers including Dr. James Serpell (Cambridge University, England, 1987), Dr. Robert ten Bensel (University of Minnesota, 1988), Dr. Arthur Caplan (University of Minnesota, 1990), and Dr. Sam Ross (Green Chimneys, Brewster, New York, 1990)

Development of the first university-level course in the country on the human-animal bond and a graduate level course on pets as therapy which commenced in 1991.