Companion Animals in Care Environments

The content included in this section of the Website are part of the information Paula (Kamrath) Frakes, CENSHARE’s previous Director, has passionately pulled together over the years. The articles above follow a logical reading progression and introduce important issues to be addressed BEFORE bringing visiting, working, or live-in companion animals into a facility. Although this topic has become very popular recently, not nearly enough has been done to address the welfare of animals.

Paula (Kamrath) Frakes

Paula (Kamrath) Frakes
Human-Animal Life Enrichment Consultant

Ms. Frakes is pleased to announce the release of a book that she has contributed to entitled Animals in Residential Facilities: Guidelines and Resources for Success. This book represents a comprehensive resource on properly and humanely incorporating animals into senior or other residential living environments.

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Ms. Frakes is committed to helping improve the quality of life for both the animals and humans in care environments by disseminating information via speaking engagements, workshops, and products. Information in this section cannot be mass duplicated or distributed for any purpose without first receiving permission from Paula at:

More about Paula (Kamrath) Frakes

Paula (Kamrath) Frakes was the Program Coordinator of CENSHARE at the University of Minnesota from 1998-2001. She has a BA in Sociology from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She has also completed the PAN certificate course “Animals and Healing Environments: Animal Assisted Therapy & Education Certificate Program”. Paula, along with her registered therapy dog Cooper, has extensive experience working as an activity director with seniors in long term care, adult day care, assisted living, and senior housing environments. Cooper visits with seniorsPaula now works as an Human-Animal Life Enrichment Consultant with a special interest in senior-animal interaction topics. She is an Eden Associate trained by The Eden Alternative, an organization founded by Dr. William Thomas of New York. She lectures to a wide range of audiences on many topics including: • How to Select and Care for Animals in the Eden Alternative Long Term Care Environment • Companion Animal Options Within the Long Term Care and Assisted Living Environments • Companion Animals and Senior Housing • An Overview of Animal Assisted Therapy for Health and Helping Professionals • The Health Benefit of Companion Animals for Children With Special Needs You can reach Paula at: